Rac N Roll

About This Project

RAC N’ ROLL DIDN’T WANT to take a “slo-roll” approach to their entry strategy into the North American market. Even as one of the largest suppliers in Canada, they needed to capture the multi-million-dollar US market with that same confidence.


So Rac n’ Roll needed to rethink their brand position and develop supporting marketing collateral to help differentiate it from the new larger competition in the US. The message had to put Rac n’ Roll on par with local manufacturers while also reinforcing the brand as a premium supplier, due to their highly technical, specialized, and innovative processes and products.




While Rac n’ Roll was already quite successful in Canada (and for good reason), and while their current client base knew why they chose RnR, it had been some time since they looked at brand positioning and collateral – they simply didn’t have a brand position and message articulated in a way they could take to new markets.


To gain consideration, Rac n’ Roll needed to demonstrate that their product was superior in


  • Competitors offer a wider range of products which can lead to mort trust and brand recognition.
  • Rac n’ Roll needed to consolidate their efforts in production, social media, advertising, and overall branding.
  • Rac n’ Roll needed to adapt to the change in interests and trend of their target demographic on social media.
  • Lastly, RnR needed to build the trust of American retailers to continue to grow wholesale account sales.



Thematic Calendars play an immense role in the creative structure and organization that is The Rac n’ Roll brand image.

We ultimately challenged Rac n’ Roll to take a step back and asses their year from a macro perspective. When do American/Canadian/Australian sales take place? How can we coincide time of year across social media, our production campaigns, and even advertising? We also recognized an opportunity to increase the quality and frequency of email marketing.


Being able to build a unified brand image and strategy across all touchpoints of the consumer online journey, we in turn built a stronger relationship with, retailers, influencers, and ultimately consumers.


Over a 4-month span we were able to achieve the following:


1. A decreased Cost to Acquire a Customer by 23%
2. An increase in Canadian Sales by and average of 39%
3. An increase in American retail conversions through Email by 78%
4. A newly defined brand image
5. A consistent posting strategy
6. A Brand Ambassador program that leverages top dancers in Canada/USA/Australia.

Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Video Production
Creative, Innovation, Vision