COVID-19: A Guide To Working From Home

COVID-19: A Guide To Working From Home

At this point, your neck is likely hurting from how glued you have been to your phone or laptop. Your group chats are filled with friends and family sending proper sanitation practises and sports memes claiming the world is over because the NBA and NHL seasons are cancelled. While all of this is going on, your work is not just allowing you, but encouraging you to work from home. YAY…right? Despite offering safety, comfort, and flexibility, working remotely can negatively impact your wellbeing and emotional health. Here are a few tips for prioritizing mental wellness while working from a different setup.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Solitary Confinement

In an office setting, you become accustomed to colleagues stopping by your desk or having people to speak with over lunch. Working from home eliminates the social contact that many of us tend to take for granted. One way to combat this issue is simply making more time for extra-curricular activities. The time you would have otherwise spent commuting, you can now spend at spin class, yoga, or taking a night course. Perhaps there is a family member who you have been neglecting. Now is the best opportunity to make time to reach out. Especially for grandparents whose lives are made even more inconvenienced by what’s happening in the news today.

Take a Breather

You’ve made yourself breakfast, you sit down with your coffee, catch up on emails, and then really get in the zone. Before you know, it’s dark outside, and you’ve completely lost track of time. A short break will help you work better in the long run. Go outside, have a snack, or even disconnect for 15 minutes. One thing that you can do to help with this is scheduling time to stand up and step away. Sounds rigorous, I know, but this tactic can make the difference in efficiency and in preventing burnout.

Your Home Office Should Fit Your Needs and Be Comfortable

Creating a home office for most people usually means that your feet are up on the couch, with your laptop on your lap. This is not the best way to maximize efficiency while WFH. Your workspace at home is a perfect opportunity to create something unique to you. Do you like listening to music while you work? Low Lighting? Plants? Make the space entirely your own. However it is that you feel most comfortable, try to fill your space with what you love – you should notice a difference in your mood almost immediately.

Mindfulness Brings Wellness

Every day, allocate time to focusing on you. Working from home is a significant disruption to a lot of people. Although it can be a fun and exciting opportunity if you are in tune with your feelings and create an environment that is appropriate and effective. Taking time to meditate or practice positive affirmations can make the difference in your outlook while this change is occurring. You may also want to use this opportunity to discover the entrepreneur in yourself. Being able to work on your own is an excellent indication of your independence and suitability as a business owner.